Re: hINA, this time in 1 John 1:9

From: Paul Zellmer (
Date: Wed Sep 10 1997 - 11:54:46 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote:

>I would suggest that, since we agree (Robertson, Paul Dixon, and I!)
>this is a consecutive or epexegetic (Wallace) clause, the least
>you could do to the Greek in converting its structural pattern would
be to
>translate the hINA as we do the UT in the comparable Latin
construction, as
>"so that" rather than "in order that." It then becomes "He is faithful
>just so that he forgives our sins and cleanses us..." The epexegetic
>infinitive would be far less clumsy, and if you have something like the
>infinitive to express result in Ibanag, I'd guess that would work too;
>if you use a "so that" equivalent, the meaning of the Greek clause
>come through intelligibly.

Thanks, Carl, Paul, and Clay, for your help with this question. (I
guess I'll just have to wait to thank Robertson!) Carl, your reference
to the translation of UT helped me understand it a bit more. I guess
the time I spent in that "dead" language wasn't a complete waste! And,
Paul, your discussion of the logic behind the verses (and what to
avoid) helped me. I was able to better explain the problem to the
Ibanag speaker who is working with me on the New Testament.

Clay, I apologize for my long, complicated sentence. Part of my
problem is that I think that way. Another real contributor is the fact
that I am trying to think in three and sometimes four languages at the
same time. While doing this, I am trying to be very exact in selecting
the words to tell you on the list what I thinking. The extra words
needed to tie sentences together a bit of a burden on me at those
times. Yet I forget that many of us read the postings the way I
generally do--very quickly. This is because of the volume of material
and the amount of work each of us have to do. I'll try to be better at
breaking my thoughts up into more manageable units.

Thanks again,


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