Re. Help with finding the Church!

From: Paul F. Evans (
Date: Fri Sep 12 1997 - 11:07:41 EDT

<html><html><head></head><BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p><font size=2 color="#000000" face="Arial">List,<br><br>I am trying to find out about the use of EKKLESIA in the LXX and possible parallels with its use in the NT. &nbsp;However, I do not have the resources in my personal library and have come up empty on-line. &nbsp;I would like to be able to search for it or at lease be able to get and indication of all of the morphological forms (I do hope I used that term correctly, I would hate to show up as ignorant as I really am!). &nbsp;Any help or direction pointing would be much appreciated.<br><br>BAGD has some information, and notes it's use, but I cannot determine from the article whether the ref. it gives are exhaustive or representative.<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>Paul F. Evans<br>Pastor<br>Thunder Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church<br>MT. Olive<br><br>E-mail: <font color="#0000FF"><u></u><font color="#000000"><br>Web-page: <font color="#0000FF"><u>><font color="#000000"></p

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