MONON in James 2:24

Date: Sat Sep 13 1997 - 13:25:33 EDT

A colleague is working on a paper involving James 2:24 and has a question
about whether the adverb MONON modifies PISTEWS, as most interpreters
suggest, or an implied DIKAIOUTAI from the first part of the verse. Many of
the Greek grammars covering the NT postulate a limited adjectival use of
MONON and thus allow it to modify PISTEWS. However, the other passages
suggested for an adjectival use of MONON all appear to be somewhat ambiguous
in that they could easily be understand that MONON is functioning in its more
normal adverbial sense. Are there clear instances of MONON used adjectivally
in either the NT or elsewhere in Greek literature?

Bill Combs
Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

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