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Date: Sun Sep 14 1997 - 17:30:50 EDT

Luke 7:43 reworded

Thanks to Carl for answering questions one and two.
Since the answer was no to both questions I will not use those
examples but just put the final question in a different way.

My final question here is what constitutes a *constituent*? I am
exploring and raising questions about the rules used to isolate a
constituent in generative theory.

Is a relative clause a constituent? Is a relative clause which contains
another relative clause a constituent? Does it make sense to include
both a prepositional phrase and a complex compound subordinate
clause under the same rubric i.e., *phrase level constituent?* I think
the answer to this last question is no.

I don't like an analysis that throws everything into the same bucket.
The generative concept of *phrase level constituent* is just this
kind of bucket. It contains everything from angle worms to

I am reading *Levels of Constituent Structure in New Testament
Greek*, Micheal W. Palmer, Peter Lang 1995. These questions are
intended to clarify the issues discussed in this valuable book.

Clay Bartholomew
Three Tree Point

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