Re: Structure and Purpose of Biblical Books?

From: Perry L. Stepp (
Date: Wed Sep 17 1997 - 17:34:59 EDT

Hello, all.

> From: Carl W. Conrad <>

> Speaking only for myself, I'm a little bit disturbed at finding two posts
> in the B-Greek mail that I've just downloaded that are asking some
> "big" questions about two whole NT documents. One of them is not even
> upon questions about the Greek text; the other one cites particular texts
> within the document in order to postulate or formulate a theory of the
> purpose of the whole document, but doesn't really appear dependent upon
> understanding something about the Greek text within that document as

I don't regard the questions I asked/test statements I made (assuming that
this shot was aimed at me--you could aim your blasts a little more clearly
and specifically) as being as far afield as you seem to think they were.
We've certainly spent a lot of bandwidth on questions of far lesser
relevance and value, haven't we?

B-greek seemed to me to be the best place to posit questions/statements
regarding syntax and the larger function of syntactical units. Besides,
this is where all the discourse analysts hang out, and I wanted to hear
from them.

No offense intended--just skip over the replies if you don't want to read


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