Re: Contradictions in 1 John?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Sep 18 1997 - 11:20:16 EDT

At 11:56 PM 9/17/97 EDT, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>I am overjoyed. This is what I've been saying all along, but apparently
>it wasn't being communicated. But, now you've got it. That is great!
>Praise be to God.
>Now, do you see a contradiction between 3:9 and 1:8?

Well, I'm afraid I still do. And I still see contradictions between
alternating sentences in the "omens" of chapters 1-2. But I suspect that at
this point we've really discussed all the interesting Greek questions, and
we're left with the fact that you and I simply read 1 John differently.

To me, these contradictions are not a flaw in 1 John, but point to the very
real contradictions in our life, and are closely related to the kinds of
contradictions Paul points out in Romans 7. I do not see 1 John as a
tightly-constructed theological argument, I see it as a very existential,
very personal, pastoral letter. I don't find an explanation for how sin can
continue to exist in the life of a sinner, but I hear John speaking directly
to my own experiences with sin, righteousness, love, and grace.

Since we've pretty much exhausted the Greek questions, I think I'll drop out
of this thread at this point.

Grace and peace to you!


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