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Date: Fri Sep 19 1997 - 09:50:07 EDT

Ben Crick <> wrote:
>On Thu 18 Sep 97 (12:27:41), wrote:
>> It looks like Jonathan is trying to derail our train of thought with a
>>pun. Speaking of trains, does anyone know which opera is like a
>>railroad? The answer involves a *choice* pun.
> I don't know; but over here people refer to transport cafes as Opera Houses,
> because they are a good pull-in for car men. [groan]

        Well, that certainly comes close. The choice (sc. "Joyce") pun I
had in mind for an answer is _The Rose of Castile_. The riddle with its
punful answer appears in Joyce's _Ulysses_, if I remember correctly
(although it might be in _Finnegan's Wake_, _Portrait of the Artist_, or
_Dubliners_). But enough of railroad puns; if we continue in this vein, the
serious Greek scholars on the list will be all ah... bored.

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