Translation of Jn 1:18

Date: Sat Sep 20 1997 - 01:53:20 EDT

Dear B-Greeks,

I hope you will forgive my primitive attempts at translating the Prologue,
and I would appreciate grammatical comments on this verse with which I
am having several problems:

        1:18 A god no one has ever seen before:
                the only-begotten [from one and the same Mother],
                a god, the one being unto the bosom of the Father--
                that is the one named [--Jesus Christ].

I consider "being unto the bosom of the Father" to be an
anthropomorphization (there must be a better word) of PROS TON QEON. And,
the route from Mother to Father echoes the intermediary function of
logos between Cosmos and God.

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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