Call To Praise, 1Peter 1:3-6

From: John M. Moe (
Date: Sat Sep 20 1997 - 12:57:29 EDT

I Much appreciated Dale Wheeler's insights about the Praise Psalm and
its structure. copied below from Dale's post:

1) Call to Praise
2) Reason(s) to Praise
3) Renewed Call to Praise

        I have just begun a study of 1Peter with my Sunday morning Bible Class,
and am wondering about 1:3-6, in the light of this formant and how it
might influance gramatical understanding. The ELOGATOS etc. seems to
follow the format to a the letter, except that #3 is missing if
AGALLIASQE is understood to be present indicative. The form is, of
course morphologicaly ambiguous (Perseus gives 10 analysis of the
form). I am, always warry of looking for imparatives under every rock,
but .... Could this be the "3) Renewed Call to Praise", an invitation
issued in the imparative mood on the basis of the glorious list of "2)
Reason(s) to Praise" in verses 3-5, and in spite of the various trials
which they are now suffering?

Thoughts anyone?

John M. Moe

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