Greek language teaching

From: mjoseph (
Date: Sun Sep 21 1997 - 13:42:44 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:

>>I have the feeling that Greek is taught quite differently from other
>>languages - and frankly, I haven't yet seen any introductory Greek text that
>>is as good as a reasonably good German or French text.

I'm new to this list, and perhaps shouldn't say anything, but since I
have learned to speak 3 languages (beside English), and read three
others, maybe this comment won't be completely off base.

*Shouldn't* Greek be learned differently than French or German? There
seems to me to be a fundamental difference between learning to speak a
language, and "just" learning to read one. In French, grammar rules are
necessary (for adults), but don't suffice, as listening and speaking are
crucial. While listening may help some in learning the classical
languages, when you get right down to it, knowing the inflections and the
vocab are what is really necessary to the goal of reading the Bible. Or
am I missing something obvious?

Mark Joseph

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