Marking my Synopsis

From: Joseph A. Weaks (
Date: Mon Sep 22 1997 - 01:46:03 EDT

I am about to begin "marking my synopsis," an exercise I've looked forward
The way I was taught is
1. Take Mat/Mark and Underline with solid lines (______) where parallels
are exact.
2. Use dash lines (_ _ _ _ _) where words are same but in different form.
3. Use broken lines leaving spaces blank (___ ____) when words are same
but in different order.
4. Then get different color, and do same with Mark/Luke.
5. Then with another color, do the minor agreements.

My biggest question is what pericope order to go in. I'm using Aland's
Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum. My plan now is to work my way straight
through markan order. Any suggestions for someone begginning this endeavor?
Joe Weaks
an little pastor of a little town

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