Machen Redivivus

From: Chris A Vlachos (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 14:26:22 EDT

Dear B-Greek Subscribers -

        For your information, Marv Wilson and I received a letter from
Baker Publishers. The rumors of a new Machen are true. The revision,
which is slated for release in early 1999, will keep the main orientation
of the original but will introduce some new linguistic themes (i.e., the
"present" tense will also be called the "progressive" tense, etc.). The
new edition is being done by a Gordon-Conwell grad and somebody tied into
Westminster (a professor, I assume). If anybody would like further
information please feel free to EMail me directly.

Chris Vlachos
Professor of NT Greek
Utah Institute for Biblical Studies
Salt Lake City

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