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From: Jim Beale (
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 05:07:46 EDT

At 9:32 AM +0000 9/24/97, Andrew Kulikovsky wrote:

>The Biblical text is far more complex than a trivial program - it just
>doesn't fit the formal logic box - that doesn't mean what it says is
>illogical - just that it is not expressed using formal logic.

Just a point of clarification here. I think the tendency is to
treat a word, such as hEWS, as if it always had the same force.
Paul was right in his response in that I phrased the question so
as to lead to a hasty generalization. "OUK x hEWS y" does not
always imply "x META y" for just any {x,y} but it might positively
require it for some {x,y}. I think we would all agree that the
local context might demand that the implication hold. But in
that case, it is not hEWS itself that requires the implication,
but the interaction of the syntax plus the semantic content of
the local context. That's what makes the job of exegesis so
difficult! Surely, hasty generalization is the lazy man's route.

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Jim Beale

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