Re: 2:7-8 and Contradictions?

From: Jim Beale (
Date: Tue Sep 23 1997 - 17:26:28 EDT

On Sep 23, 5:08pm, Jonathan Robie wrote:

> To me, every paradox contains a contradiction, but truth is often best
> expressed in paradox.

Properly, a paradox is a statement that only *seems* contradictory
yet is not actually contradictory. There are plenty of things in
the Bible that are paradoxical, mostly because of the relation of
time and eternity. Paradoxes arise through the ancient yet new
question of the One and the Many. This question is at the heart
of every philosophical problem that confounds modern philosophers;
it is at the heart of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. The
great thing about Christianity is that it provides the framework
within which to *resolve* those problems, but that discussion is
for another time and another place.

I'd be very happy if you would soften your stance to saying that
such things as you adduced are paradoxical (seemingly but not
actually contradictory). Our job is to try to understand them,
not to declare that they can never be understood!

In Christ,
Jim Beale

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