List Etiquette

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Wed Sep 24 1997 - 17:55:46 EDT

The last couple days have seen some heated exchanges on the list,
especially over the the doctrine of inerrancy and the question of the
language(s) spoken by Jesus. Perhaps it's time for a reminder of the
measures of mutual tolerance that are called for in our list's standards.
Some statements have been pretty explicitly aimed at individuals whose
opinions a poster has found objectionable; others have been attacks upon
viewpoints held by one or more others upon the list. Consequently, although
you may feel very strongly that a view expressed by another on the list is
intolerable error and that anyone who might hold such a view is a
despicable and disgusting infidel and enemy of the truth, you are advised
to think twice before venting such loathing in a post to the list. It
poisons the well whence we all must drink.

One other reminder, which will have, of course, no more lasting effect than
telling everybody that requests to unsubscribe need to be sent NOT to the
list but to discussion on any topic will likely be
more fruitful and less repetitive if we wait until we have read all the
messages on a particular thread in our current mail before responding to a
new question.

D. Netiquette:

     1. Respectful discourse: Those who participate in the conference
represent a wide range of theological and denominational perspectives,
perhaps even including some whose interests are purely academic. Deep
religious convictions surely characterize many, perhaps most, of the
list-participants, and some of these convictions bear directly upon how the
Biblical text is to be understood. At the core of our discussion, however,
is not what our convictions are but what the Greek text may legitimately be
understood to mean. If discussion of this nature is to succeed, proper
respect and courtesy to other list members is important. While scholarly
debate, including disagreement, is encouraged as a goal of this conference,
attacks upon the character, intelligence, or faith of those participating
are not acceptable. Criticism must focus upon the arguments of others; it
may not be directed to the individual. Those who violate this policy will
be contacted politely by the B-Greek staff and requested to conform to
these guidelines. Those who continue to violate the policy will no longer
be welcome in the conference.

Carl W. Conrad
B-Greek Staff

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