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Date: Fri Sep 26 1997 - 08:44:13 EDT

At 09:20 PM 9/25/97 EDT, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>When charges of textual contradiction are dropped on this list, some of
>us will not take it lightly and you can expect that you will be called on
>it. If this offends you, then why bother to stir the pot?
I find this paragraph highly inappropriate. Please, if someone says
something that you disagree with about the meaning of the text, take it
lightly and share your own understanding of the text. Different viewpoints
are welcomed on B-Greek, and there are *going* to be different viewpoints.

If someone sees a contradiction, this is not a "charge of textual
contradiction" or a challenge to the inerrantists, it is a contradiction
that someone thinks they see. You can feel free to point out how you see it,
but when you say "you can expect that you will be called on it", that sounds
like a challenge to a debate. Seriously, people generally express their
views because they hold those views, not to offend those who disagree with
them. And a warning that you will not take disagreement with your views
lightly is problematic for two reasons: (1) it signals that people who
disagree with you are not really welcome here, and (2) it threatens to
pollute B-Greek with the kind of debate that could kill this list.

Let's not debate, let's explore the Bible together. And let's not divide
ourselves into different camps. The Bible can speak for itself! (It can,
that is, if we can get back to discussing the Bible!)


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