A new list?

From: Frantz Iago (FIP@mccus.org)
Date: Fri Sep 26 1997 - 15:06:55 EDT

I would like to propose that those interested in dialogue (serious
scholarly research) on inspiration, innerrancy, textual criticism,
and related subjects start a new list. I would gladly subscribe to
it. It is a very interesting theological subject, but I still agree
that B-Greek is not the exact place for it. Let keep learning from
each other in B-Greek on the issues that relate to this list, and for
those who would like a dialogue on especific theological and textual
issues around inspiration etc. could share in another list. If any
of you start this list, please let me know. I will subscribe to it.

(PS: This interest in a list of this kind is personal because I am
writing a book in Spanish which will also be available in Hebrew,
Catalonian, and Arabic on the inspiration of the Bible, especially of
the NT. If anyone has anything you think I should read or use for
this research, please send it via postal mail to:

Frantz Iago-Peretz
c/o POB 500
Akron, PA 17501)

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