Re: 1 Jn 2:8-11 and the New Commandment

From: Ward Powers (
Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 09:56:47 EDT

At 00:36 97/09/25 EDT, Paul Dixon wrote:

>It seems strange that John brings up the new commandment
>in 1 Jn 2:8, but does not really give the commandment in the
>following verses.
>What he does do, however, is say that the new commandment
>ESTIN ALHQES EN AUTWi KAI hUMIN. How does that strike
>you? It must be pretty well understood to these readers that
>John had the commandment of Christ in mind as found in
>John 15:9-17, that is, that you love one another.

Good point. As a wider generalization, I suggest that 1 John always has to
be read against the teaching of the Gospel of John. Indeed, it seems to me
as if 1 John is almost John's own commentary upon the teaching of Jesus
which he records in his Gospel.


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