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> The name HERMOGENES is in II Timothy 1:15. Alexander Cruden says the name
> means "begotten of Mercury."
> 1) Does that mean "-GENES" means "begotten" in HERMOGENES?
> 2) Was it common for pagan parents to name their children after pagan gods?
> 3) Are their other New Testament names that contain the name of a pagan god?
> 4) Are their other words besides "MONOGENES" in Koine, Attic, or Ionic Greek
> that containe the particle "-GENES?"
> William the Barbarian

Yes, here are a few more.

GHGENES - born of Gaia or earth-born
DIOGENES - Zeus-descended,
EUGENES - well born
SUGGENES - born with

Also, check the Perseus site for this word used in context along with
the English Translations of which I give a few examples below. I always
prefer examples of useage over simple etymology.

Larry Kruper


1. the only member of a KIN or kind: hence, generally, only, single, pais
Hes. WD 376, Hdt. 7.221,

        cf. ev Jo 1:14 <-----------------------------------

2. unique, of to on, Parm. 8.4; eis ode m. ouranos gegonws
Plat. Tim. 31b, cf. Procl.Inst.22; qeos o m.Sammelb.4324.15.
3. m. aima one and the same blood, dub. l. in Eur. Hel. 1685.
4. Gramm., having one form for all genders, A.D.Adv. 145.18.
5. name of the foot___^, Heph.3.3.

II. Adv. -nws, feretai m. en eni topw grows only in one place, Peripl.M.Rubr.56, cf. au=Peripl.M.Rubr. 11.
       2. in a unique manner, At. 15.13,au=At. 15.14=lr.

[895] nun tauta panta tlas apenqhtw freni legoim an andra tonde twn
staqmwn kuna, swthra naos protonon, uyhlhs steghs stulon podhrh,
MONOGENES TEKNON PATRI, kai ghn faneisan nautilois par elpida,

[895] But now, having born all this, my heart freed from its anxiety,
I would hail my husband here as the watchdog of the fold, the savior
forestay of the ship, firm-based pillar of the lofty roof,
ONLY-BEGOTTEN SON OF A FATHER, or land glimpsed by men at sea beyond
their hope, [900] dawn most fair to look upon after storm, the gushing
stream to thirsty wayfarer -- sweet is it to escape all stress of need.
Such truly are the greetings of which I deem him worthy. But let envybe
far removed, since many were the ills [905] we endured before.

[113d] with his wife Leucippe; and they had for offspring an
damsel was now come to marriageable age, her mother died and also her
father; and Poseidon, being smitten with desire for her, wedded her;

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