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Date: Sat Sep 27 1997 - 14:27:33 EDT

At 7:21 AM -0500 9/27/97, John M. Moe wrote:
>Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>> No relation, I take it, to our once and future(?) colleague on the list,
>> Bearded Bill of Asheville? or to "the Conqueror"?
>What ever happened to Bearded Bill? I miss trying to follow the tangled
>webs of his insightful ramblings.
>John M. Moe

I'll have to write him and tell him that an admirer wants to read his posts
again! I had an absolutely marvelous lunch and afternoon of talk with him
in June. He lives halfway up a mountain (follow his road and you end up on
the Blue Ridge Parkway--just as you will if you follow my road from my
summer place about 35 miles northeast of his) in north Asheville, not very
far from UNC-Asheville, whence he retired a few years back. He keeps busy
with a VERY large family of kids from two marriages and a troupe of
liturgical dancers that works in and out of Episcopal churches in eastern
North Carolina. I'll try to see if I can lure him back to the list. Thanks
for the reminder!

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