Re: Rev 2:20 - "the adultery of eating food"

From: F. Holly Mitchell (
Date: Tue Sep 30 1997 - 11:43:32 EDT


I appreciate the quotes from Bullinger's, but this one really stumps me:
> Gen. 2:9 -- "The tree of knowledge of good and evil": i.e., of evil enjoyment.

I always thought this refers to an ability to discern between two

> It does not follow that in every case where two nouns are thus joined we have only
> one idea. In the first place, there must be something to attract our attention,
> something out of the ordinary usage, and sometimes not strictly according to the
> letter.

> There cannot be a Hendiadys where the two words are opposed in any way in their
> signification; nor even when there is no real connection between them. (He gives

BTW, thanks for turning me on to the word 'hendiadys'. Other examples I
found are 'deceit and words' for 'deceitful words' and 'to drink from gold
and cups' for 'golden cups'.

God Bless,
Ginger (assistant to Holly)

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