Printings and Indices in Wallace's Grammar

Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 00:57:31 EDT

Dear b-Greek,

In light of the recent discussion concerning the various printings and
indices of Dan Wallace's Grammar, I forward the following from the author:

[Concerning the various printings of Exegetical Syntax] First, CBD did
indeed buy out all the remaining second printings. These are without two
indices, though all printings do have the scripture index. Second, the
grammar has now been printed four times, but all are considered the first
edition. The only differences are corrections of a few typos and the
addition of two new indices (Greek word and subject). (You can tell which
printing you have by simply looking on the back: overgenerous remarks by
Moule and Metzger are given in the third and subsequent printings.)
 Zondervan elected to raise the sticker price when the new indices were
added so that first or second printing owners would not feel as though they
had been cheated somehow. I was concerned that some might perceive the
update as programmed obsolescence (something I detest). In reality, when I
got the grammar done, we were under pressure to get it out before the end of
summer so that school could use it in the fall. Although I had considered
doing the subject and Greek word indices, there was simply no time. When I
got them done (with the substantial help of Joe Fantin and Mike Burer), I
asked Zondervan if they would permit access to them for free. Hence, Bill
Mounce's website put them on. I understand that Zondervan may also send a
hard copy (either for free or for a nominal charge) to anyone who has a copy
of the first two printings. If that doesn't work, you can write to me. I
will send anyone (in USA and Canada) hard copies photocopied from the page
proofs if they will send $2.50. This includes costs of materials and
shipping. For international users, send $3.50.

My address is:

Daniel B. Wallace
Dallas Theological Seminary
3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

P.S. I don't plan on any major revisions of the grammar in the near future.
 My health has been declining too much to work on this project. Meanwhile,
other projects have backed up. It will most likely be four or five years
before a revision of the grammar comes out.

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