From: Coomes, Susan L (
Date: Wed Oct 01 1997 - 11:17:28 EDT

I am trying to find out at what part of the day the "dawn" was in Jesus'
day. Matthew 28:1 states "Now after the sabbath, as the first day
of the week began to dawn..."

Since the first day started at sundown Saturday night, it would appear
to me that the point in time that they are referring to would be the
night portion of sunday...and not in the morning as we consider it to be

It would appear to me that they got to the tomb just as the sabbath
ended (late saturday night) as the sabbath restrictions had just lifted
and Sunday was now beginning. I find it hard to believe that they would
sleep all night considering what had just happened if they were free to
go to the tomb when the sabbath ended. It seems to me that they went
there on "our" saturday night to find that he had already
seems to me from all the scriptures that he did not rise on sunday. But
was crucified on Thursday and rose on Saturday. I have traced the
events of passion week and I can not make a friday crucifixion fit the

thanks for your help. Also, do you know what the word for Cherubim is?
I know that we think it is an angel but I find more evidence that it is
in fact a planet, reference Ezekiels passages about the wheel and how it
moves, it describes our solar system perfectly. Also in studying the
tabernacle and its designs and how the heavens are his footstool it sort
of makes you wonder. I had read something that stated that the word for
Cherubim had been misiterpred and it actually meant orbit.

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