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Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 07:27:34 EDT

At 12:44 AM 10/4/97 +1000, Rick Strelan wrote:
>I have frequently come across characters (esp in the papyri) who identify
>themselves (especially in official notices of birth or death) as ASHMOS or
>as having a scar (OULH) somewhere on their body/face. This looks pretty
>common, so I assume the classicists among us can tell me what that all

I'm not a classicist, but LSJ says that ASHMOS means "without mark or
token", so I assume this means that the person in question has no mark or
scar to identify them. The entry can be found here:


>In what sense can a city be ASHMOS (Acts 21:39)?

ASHMOS can also mean without significance, meaningless, unperceived,
unnoticed, without leaving traces.


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