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From: Rod Decker (
Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 14:04:59 EDT

When the 4th ed. of the UBS text first came out there was, if I remember
correctly, quite a howl on b-greek (& elsewhere) re. the new Greek font
used for that edition.

That font was the Linguist's Software font called GraecaII--problem was
that for some odd reason the UBS folks set the entire text in the italic
face! The regular Graeca is much more legible and pleasing.

Anyway, today I received a copy of LS's current font brochure and was
interested to note several new font faces with this note:

          "GraecaUBS and OdysseaUBS were made to print
          the next edition of the UBS Greek NT."

The faces shown are indeed different from the current UBS/4--so it looks
like the next edition will be more legible.

The remaining question (at least one of them!) is, when is UBS/5 due to be
published? Anyone heard anything in that regard?

For any who might be curious:


Both of the later two pages contain actual font samples in the form of a
(somewhat coarse resolution) graphic--but they are adequate for their
intended purpose.

BTW, if you are just looking for a Greek font but don't need to pay for
these commercial fonts (which aren't cheap!), check Bill Mounce's offering
(it's free): <> The x-heigth on
Bill's font matches Palatino and is larger than Graeca which more closely
matches Times.


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