The Unfinished Gospel

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Sat Oct 04 1997 - 00:14:28 EDT

Note: This is not a B-GREEK question, but I know several members on the
list have information they could possibly give me (off-list) on this.
Evan Powell's (out-of-print, I believe) THE UNFINISHED GOSPEL (ISBN
0-9639650-6-9, (c)1994), proposes the Gospels were written thus: John,
as an anti-Peter tractate, then Mark as a pro-Petrine rebuttal, then
Luke, then Matthew - and he presents some very intriguing evidence for
his theory, which is obviously against most scholarly opinion. If true,
even in part, his theory has major implications for NT research.
However, I can find no serious (in fact, none at all) reviews,
rebuttals, critiques, responses or anything about this book anywhere on
the Web. Can anyone here who has seriously read it either tell me what
they think and/or refer me to journals/articles, etc., that deal with
Powell's theory - and discussions of his evidence? Is he onto something,
or is he just another crank with a wild theory? Craig A. Evans' (Trinity
Western U.) brief statement on the back cover praises the book.

"Eric S. Weiss"

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