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Jonathan Robie wrote:
> At 08:44 AM 10/6/97 -0500, Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
> >
> >Doubtless others will have responded by now, but Hermas is divided into
> >two sections, Mandate being one of them. If you get a text of Hermas and
> >open it up, all will be clear.
> Thanks - I found it on the web at
> "http://www.loxinfo.co.th/~baruch/hermas1.html#mandate1":
> Mandate the First
> "First of all, BELIEVE THAT GOD IS ONE, even He Who created all things and
> set them in order, and brought all things from non-existence into being, Who
> comprehends all things, being alone incomprehensible. Believe Him therefore,
> and fear Him, and in this fear be continent. Keep these things, and you will
> cast off all wickedness from yourself, and will clothe yourself with every
> excellence of righteousness, and will live to God, if you keep this
> commandment."
> Jonathan
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I gleaned the subject line from another list but it raises a b-greek
issue. Are we justified in Rev. 21:21 in assuming that the writer wanted
to assert that each gate was (made) of one pearl? BAG seems to suggest
in their article that EIMI+EK can be rendered "belongs to one pearl".
There seems to be a chiasmus based on 12 and multiples of 12 going on in
the dimensions of the celestial city and thus 12 inscribed tribal
names//twelve gates of pearl?? Any thoughts on the grammar or the
symbolic significance of the dimensions would be appreciated.


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