Little Greeks

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Date: Sun Oct 05 1997 - 09:25:10 EDT

5th October, 1997
I have applied for a job at our local Christian school, which involves
teaching Biblical Studies to high school students aged from 11 to 18, in 2
or 3 lessons per week.

I am hoping, if I get the job, to give the students a little Greek and an
even littler bit of Hebrew.

If you have taught students of this age, or are now, I'm all ears!

You should know that our neck of the woods is almost exclusively Anglo-Saxon
and fiercely monolingual. The school uses Spanish for its compulsory
language in the junior years, BTW.

What I am thinking of doing [if they'll have me] is beginning with the
alphabet, then words that are similar to English words, or are behind
English words, then well-known words such as AGAPH and QEOS, then "reading"
phrases or very simple verses, with the vocab supplied.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

This job sounds like a break from 16 years of high school music teaching! In
some ways, I might be paid to do what I already do for free!

David McKay

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