Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 01:44:02 EDT

Being limited as a student of the English Bible, I had come to think that
Clergy/Laity was an artificial distinction that, though traditional, had
developed outside of the New Testament. Though I now learn that these words
can be traced back to the Greek KLHROS and LAOS, it still seems to fall short
of the New Testament. The only place in the N. T. where I found KLHROS is
referring to a class of persons was in I Peter 3:5, (KJV: heritage) where,
much to my suprise, it seems to be equlivant to "the flock" (ie: the laity!?)

...and since "lay" comes from "LOAS," does that mean that a "lay-person" is a
"people person?" [ : ^}> )

The Barbarian

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