Re: 1 Peter 1:7

From: Jim Beale (
Date: Mon Oct 06 1997 - 18:32:26 EDT

At 2:26 PM -0400 10/6/97, James H. Vellenga wrote:

>It seems to me that Jim Beale's original question may have
>differed from Martin's response (and perhaps that of others).
>It sounded to me like Jim was asking whether then phrase
>could be parsed as
> \ \_____hUMWN
> \__TO \____PISTEWS
> \___THS
>"the appraisal of you [who belong to] the faith"
>Have I understood everybody correctly?

Yep, that's what I was asking. The diagrams are a nice communication
tool to eliminate misunderstanding. Thanks for clarifying things.


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