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From: Martin Arhelger (
Date: Thu Oct 09 1997 - 05:54:54 EDT

> Can anyone supply me with the Hebrew terms which underlie the
> OIWNISMW OIWNIETAI in the LXX of Gen. 44:15? I have no Hebrew
> readily accessible.

The Hebrew is: NaCeS YeNaCeS
(N= Nun, C= Chet, S=Shin, Y=Yod, a=patach, e=sere or shewa)

Grammatical analysis:
NaCeS = Infin. absol. Piel of NaCaS
YeNaCeS = 3 mask. sing. imperfect Piel of NaCaS

The expression is an example of the frequent use of the Infinitive
absolute to strengthen the meaning of the verb (figura etymologica)
in Hebrew. Literally: "to divine he divies" = "he surely divines".
The LXX translates rather literally, giving the noun OIWNISMOS
(=omen, prediction, fortunetelling) for the Infinitive absolute, and
the verb OIWNIZOMAI for the verb.

By the way: In Gen 44:5 the same expression occurs in Hebrew with
nearly the same translation of the LXX (difference: in verse 5 it is
OIWNIZETAI and in verse 15 it is OIWNIEITAI.

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