Re: ENTOS in Luke 17:21

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Date: Wed Oct 08 1997 - 06:33:42 EDT

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Well, as I was writing my own response to Lars, along came this wonderful
post from John Reece, which is much better than what I was saying. I still
want to rescue a few things from my now-obsolete post:

1. The idea of the kingdom being within each of us also occurs in phrases
like hO ESW ANQRWPOS "the inner person" and hO EN TW KRUPTWi ANQRWPOS "the
hidden person".

2. Lars suggested that ENTOS+genitive occurs only once, but both instances
of ENTOS that I see are accompanied by the genitive.

3. BAGD has a number of bibliographical references on Luke 17:21 in its
entry for ENTOS.


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