Re: TON LOGON in Acts 1:1

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 19:12:24 EDT

At 4:33 PM -0500 10/10/97, Brian E. Wilson wrote:
>Has anyone any ideas, please, on why TON LOGON is used in Acts 1:1 to
>refer back to the Gospel of Luke, and forward to Acts?
>Since both books are mostly narrative, rather than discourse, it would
>seem not to be because of their content.

I'm not sure what is being asked here, but IF the assumption underlying the
question is that LOGOS ought sooner to refer to discourse rather than
narrative, then I think it is a questionable assumption. LOGOS has, of
course, many different meanings (as we seem never to tire of exploring on
this list!), but it originates in a sense of "tell" (LEGW) and "tale" in at
least the two senses of "relate" and "count" or "account." So LOGON DIDONAI
can mean "explain," "offer a reckoning" (as a tally of expenditures), or
"relate a story." And it seems to me that this is meaning enough for Luke's
use of LOGOS to refer to the account he offered in the gospel and to the
account he is about to render in Acts. There is no special association of
LOGOS with discourse as something *oral*.

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