CBD Plug [was: Clapp, Friberg NT Greek Concordance]

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (nichael@sover.net)
Date: Sat Oct 11 1997 - 18:27:37 EDT

Edward Hobbs wrote:

>Don't cancel the order! This is an excellent pair of volumes; I thought
>they were worth the $189 I paid for my first set. When I found volumes
>available for $49 each (total: $98) at a CBD Warehouse sale, I grabbed them
>up to have a set at home as well as in my office. (Nichael Cramer was at
>that sale, and managed to pick up slightly damaged copies for $25 each, as
>I recall!) $49 for the set is unbelievable.

Indeed I did!

(I should point out that "slightly damaged" in this case means they looked
like someone had ordered the set, took it out, scuffed up the dustjackets
and returned them. All in all the damage was less than you might have
expected from a "display" volume in a bookstore. Also at about that time I
also picked up a complete set of the Anchor Bible Dictionary for $120
--i.e. about 1/3 of list-- still in the box. The box looked like it had
been run into by a forklift; as result about 40 pages in one volume were
bent down at one corner.)

All this is by way of saying that if you can possibly make it to the CBD
warehouse sale, by all means do so. And be _sure_ to check out their
remaindered room. It's a zoo --and you have to get there early-- but a
great source of serious bargains.


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