Friberg AGNT [was: Di-glot]

From: Nichael Lynn Cramer (
Date: Sun Oct 12 1997 - 14:56:26 EDT

Jonathan Robie wrote:

>Does anybody out there have a copy of the Friberg GNT? Could you describe it
>for us?

It is essentially a "tagged" Greek NT. I.e. a full syntactic "analysis"
appears for each word in the Greek text --in an encoded format-- below the

For example, the first three words of John appear as

   )En )arch^ h^n

  PD = Predicate (dative)
  N-DF-S = Noun, Dative, Feminine, Singular
  VIIA--ZS - Verb, Indicative, Impefect, Active, thirdperson, Singular

The Greek (based on the NA26) is, of course, not transliterated as above,
but is written in a standard Greek font. The page averages about 22 pairs
of lines per page.

(In point of fact, the textface being darker and larger and the paper some
what thicker than in either the NA or the UBS GNTs, I often find myself
turning to the Friberg when I just want a text to read; for example during
my daily "reading aloud" practice.)

The interlinear "parsing key" is written in a slightly smaller, uppercase
English font.

A copy of the "Abbreviations and Symbols" is printed in the front of the
book, as well as on a convienent separate, laminated 3X5(approx) card.
Unfortunately, mine seems to have wandered off :-(

(As one final plug, as per the earlier note, this was another volume I
picked up at the CBD warehouse sale, for, as I recall, $7.95.)

Nichael deep autumn my neighbor what does she do --Basho

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