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Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 03:18:08 EDT


You are not suggesting that our translation of a word should begin with a
theological reflection, are you? How? What if you don't understand the
word? Can you theological reflect on the Welsh word "eryr" without
translating it to "eagle"? I suppose you could comment on its form and
shape and sound and so on. You could allegorise on the various
combinations of letters and other kabbalic wonders. However, you need to
translate it. Then you begin to explore your theology.

Pete Phillips

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Subject: O LOGOS

<<File: ATT00003.html>><<File: 3PERSONS.html>>It is an interesting
proposition, I think, to start discussing O LOGOS.
The starting point,
however, as I see it, is not semantical, but theological. When we see
the true relationship between YHVH, Yeshuah/"Jesus" and the Holy Spirit
do you start to comprehend the possible and true translation.
I am attaching our article, A GOD IN THREE PERSONS OR A GOD IN THREE
PARTS, which will give interested parties a chance to open hitherto
unexpected vistas into O LOGOS.
Hasta la vista!
Julio Dam
Messianic Pastor,
Beit Shalom Messianic Congregation

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