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Date: Sun Oct 12 1997 - 20:15:08 EDT

James C. Clardy, Jr. wrote:
> In Chapter six of Revelation the four riders are on horses colored
> white, red, black, pale. Can anyone tell me if there are any ancient
> Greek writings where this same color scheme is followed in an effort to
> illustrate the point of the author?
> Also, is there any way to define the actual English equivalent color of
> CHLWROS (v.8)?
Hello James;
What an excellent question and one that I've wrestled with myself!
Before I answer directly, let me share certain things that the
exegete/student might overlook. First, isn't it curious the amount of
astrological symbolism that occurs in the book? Aries=ARNION;
PARTHENOS=Virgo; scorpion bites=Scorpio, Draco=dragon, etc. Four living
creatures=signs of the Zodiac (cf article in LSJ). Now most conservative
expositors avoid this because of possible negative implications.
However, if we understand John using this in ether POLEMIC terms since
the Roman emperors were caught up in it, or as a visual teaching device
to fellow exiles on Patmos, then this objection disappears.

With that in mind, the only place I have found this color scheme
presented in such a way that seems consistent was in a privately
published book entitle "Revelation and Apocalyptic Symbols" by Allen
Bilderback, Valley Press, 207 West Stewart, Puyallup, Washington, 98371.
The four planets of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter then suggest the
color scheme both in Zechariah and Revelation. The location of these
planets in various constellations then would suggest other symbolism.
i.e. Venus in Sagitarrius would explain why the white horse rider has a
bow with no arrows, etc. Remember Jesus designates himself as the
Bright Morning Star=Venus. So, if you could approach it in this way, I
think it will be of some profit. However, if you can find other
references please share them with the list. I never have.


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