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Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 12:16:13 EDT

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>Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 14:40:23
>Subject: Novum Testamentum Graece (circa 1869)
>I was recently going through some boxes of books that I had been
>reaquainted with after my return to Australia, and came across a Greek NT
>in my collection that I am finding hard to identify. It was published in
>1869 by Clarendon in Oxford, and the preface begins with:
>"Damus tibi in manus, L.B., Novum Testamentum idem fere, quod ad textum
>attinet, cum editione Milliana, cum divisione Pericoparum et Interpunctura
>J.A. Bengelii." (Monitum/preface is dated 20 Dec 1827)
>I haven't had time to check, but I'm suspecting that I have a relatively
>late edition of the TR, but I was wondering whether any GNT history buffs
>out there might happen to know exactly what I do have here.

        What you have is an edition of the Greek NT that is identical, as
far as the text is concerned, with the edition of John Mill (published 1707)
with paragraph divisions and punctiation that conform to the edition of J.
A. Bengel (published 1734). Mill was one of the earliest editors of the
Greek NT to do any significant correction to the TR by introducing in the
text superior readings from the manuscripts (Aland and Aland, _The Text of
the NT_, [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1987], pp. 7-9).

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