on the lighter side...

From: Robert Johnson (rwjohns3@eos.ncsu.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 19:34:41 EDT

Apologies in advance for violating the charter of this discussion
group. Please dont hesitate to use your delete button if you
have no time for such distractions. I hope some of you will find
this puzzle an entertaining break to the regular duties of biblical



In these remarks are hidden the names of fifteen books of the
bible. As a puzzle, it's a real lulu. Kept me looking so hard
for the facts that I missed the revelation entirely. I was in a
real jam, especially since there were no capitalized letters. The
truth will come to numbers of our readers, but to others it will
be a real job. For all it will be a most fascinating search. Yes,
there will be some easy to spot, but others harder to judge. So we
admit it usually results in loud lamentations when one can't find
them. One lady says she brews coffee while she puzzles over it.


hint: its easiest to print it out, and then circle the names of the
books as you go along.

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