Re: Ephesians 4:11?

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Tue Oct 07 1997 - 10:37:14 EDT

At 01:00 PM 10/7/97 GMT, Anton Hein wrote:
>I have a question regarding Ephesians 4:11. In the Greek, is the "gave"
>in this verse a continuing action, or a one-time act.

The verb is in the aorist, which expresses that this is something that God
has done. However, this does not mean that God does not continue to give us
evangelists, pastors and teachers, nor does it say that God does not
continue to give us apostles. It simply does not say whether this is the case.

>The question behind the question is: can this verse be used to support
>the idea of a present-day five-fold ministry? Or did the church at one
>time have apostles and people ministering in the office of apostle, but
>currently we have evangelists, pastors and teachers?

I don't think that the tense used for "gave" in this verse can be used to
answer your question.


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