Re: Re: Acts 2:38

Date: Mon Oct 13 1997 - 14:10:32 EDT

>If "let him be baptized" improperly implys premission, How 'bout "Ye repent,
>and require him to be baptized ..." ???
>William the Barbarian

If I may be somewhat creative, here is a possibility that has crossed my
(sometimes deranged) mind for 3rd pers. sing. impv. in English. It is by
analogy to the old 2nd pl. impv. (for example, "be ye baptized"). How about
3rd sing. impv. = "be he baptized!" I don't seriously propose that the entire
English speaking world adopt it (and I wouldn't want to get into a he/she
gender arguement here; either would work depending upon the context) but I
guess I'd like to hear feedback on it.

Rev. Craig R. Harmon

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