please help!

From: Juan Stam B (
Date: Tue Oct 14 1997 - 00:57:41 EDT

Greetings B-Greekers! I m always fascinated by the discussions that go
back and forth on B-Greek and am grateful for all the kowledgeable
contributions. It s a great help on keeping the Greek alive and fresh.

I m wondering if somebody would be able to locate a passage in Suetonius
for me. My Spanish copy does not give verse identifications. In my
copy the passage is four pages from the end of *Domitian*, right after
Suetonius reports the condemnation of Flavius Clemente. The text I want
to locate reads: *Tomorrow the moon will be bloodied in the sign of
Acquarius and an event will occur about which the whole world will talk*

I ll be very grateful if someone can give me the exact reference for this
quote (for a commentary I m writing in Spanish)

                Juan Stam, Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica

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