Re: Translation for O LOGOS (John 1)?

Date: Sun Oct 12 1997 - 21:15:49 EDT

Why IDEA? I'll do the best I can. Hope you'll excuse the theology. The
theology is not to justify LOGOS as IDEA but to show that it does fit into
the usage of LOGOS in John 1.

When I was a child "Word" ment an arrangement of letters. Now I think of
 "words" as symbols of "ideas." As I think I understand "LOGOS" it is more
that chatter. It is the expression of something which is well thought out,
something rational, something logical, an IDEA.

Applied this way... (here is the context) In the beginning was the IDEA (of a
saving Christ), and the IDEA was with God, (It was a thought of God), and the
IDEA was God (Not just a thought now, but also a personality identified with
the thought), all things were made by him... (the person identified with the
though took part in the creation, and all the creation was made with him,
this IDEA, in mind)... And the IDEA became flesh (Not just a thought now,
 the IDEA was being implemented) .

William the Barbarian
Royal Palm Beach, Fl

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