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>I'm sure that this will be of general interest, even if it is part of a
>commercial come-on. Good luck to those of you who will now learn how to
>download from the web!
>Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
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>> Subject: FREE Hebrew Lexicon from Logos Research Systems, Inc.
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>> 1.Free Hebrew Lexicon
>> 2.New web site at
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>> 1.Free Hebrew Lexicon
>> Many of you have expressed a desire for a Hebrew lexicon. We have
>> heard you. We are now working on several Hebrew lexicons and reference
>> book projects. To thank you for your continuing interest in Logos and
>> to reward your patience as we develop additional products, we have
>> decided to make the Whitaker edition of Brown, Driver, Briggs
>> available to you at no cost on our web site for downloading.
>> Note: This free book is only available on the web. There are no disks
>> to mail and our salespeople have no ability to process an order. The
>> complete detailed description of the book is on the web site.
>> ______________________________________
>> 2.New web site at
>> Logos has a brand new web site! Come see the new look and ease of use.
>> Be sure to check out the product section and look at the electronic
>> book listings by Author, Category or Title.
>> We also put up an interactive run through of the brand new Logos
>> Lesson Builder at
>> Now you can "try before you buy" and take a little tour of this
>> totally new product for creating lessons and lesson handouts. Check it
>> out today!
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