Re: Literal translation/target group

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 19:29:45 EDT

This quote just showed up in a recent post:

>It brings me a great deal of pain to see the NASB compared with the NWT
>on any level, I'm afraid. The translators of the NWT do not hesitate to
>alter the text at will to suit their theology (if one can call it that).

Let's not go down this path, eh?

This quote is a rather broad generalization that gets pretty far from
anything related to the Greek text. I have never seen a NWT, and know
nothing about its accuracy, but we have already clearly stated that we don't
get into KJV-only debates or TR-only debates on B-Greek, and there is no
need to get into a flame war about any other translation, either.

Naturally, detailed discussions of proposed translations are appropriate
when they come up in our discussion of specific texts, even if they have to
do with John 1:1 or John 8:58, which have been discussed to death here...but
the focus should be on the Greek text and proposed translations, not on
whether "the translators of the NWT do not hesitate to alter the text at
will to suit their theology", which is probably not provable either way anyways.


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