Re: Matt. 5 - porneia

From: F. Holly Mitchell (
Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 10:54:01 EDT


> To mitigate the problem of unrestricted divorce and the "hardness of heart"
> which drove it, Moses laid down set grounds for it: that the wife find no
> favour in the husband's eyes *because she has committed /`eRWaTh DaBhaR/,* the
> "Nudity Word". This "Nudity Word" is a phrase all contemporary hearers would
> have understood; as today we refer to "the F*** Word". Jesus preserves
> precisely the same euphemism, in his saying /PAREKTOS LOGOU PORNEIAS/: the
> LOGOS PORNEIAS, the "Nudity Word". /ASCHMON PRAGMA/ indeed!

What an interesting tidbit of information. Thanks!!

> Bathsheba was as guilty as David; it takes two to tango.

Is this position really defensible? The power disparity between these two
was tremendous. When she is summoned into the presence of the king, (who
has the power of life and death over both herself and her husband) can
we actually expect her to "Just say no"?

God Bless,
Ginger (assistant to Holly)

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