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At 9:56 PM -0400 10/14/97, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>On Tue 14 Oct 97 (11:40:48), wrote:
>> Does anybody have any helpful insights as to the meaning of these words
>> spoken by Christ to His mother in Jn 2:4, TI EMOI KAI SOI, GUNAI?
>Zerwick's "Biblical Greek" has another interesting possibility here - if the
>clause after this, OUPW HKEI hH hWRA MOU, is taken as a question instead of
>a statement, then it can be interpreted like this:
>Mary: OINON OUK EXOUSIN. ("they have no wine")
>Jesus: TI EMOI KAI SOI, GUNAI? OUPW hHKEI hH hWRA MOU? ("What is that to you
>and me? Is not my hour already come?")
>Mary: hO TI AN LEGHi hUMIN POIHSATE ("do whatever he says to you")
>It seems to make sense...

Except that later in John's Gospel the author says that Jesus' hour has
*not* come. (See 8:20, for example.) The first time Jesus says it *has*
come is in 12:23 isn't it?

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