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From: ray zammit (
Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 15:26:18 EDT

Dear list members,

I know that this is slightly off-list, but I presume that any good biblical
scholar is interested in the perosn of Jesus Christ and that, in one way or
another, has experienced him in his or her life. So here goes:

between the 18th and 26th October the Archbishop's Seminary (in Malta -
Europe) will be orgainising an Open Week with the logo "Tafni?" (that is,
the Maltese for: "Do you know me?" with the reference being to Jesus Christ).

We encourage you to take a look at the homepage which has been set up for
the occasion


You may wish to answer the question yourself at:


You may also wish to answer a vox pop at (in english)


Ray Zammit

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