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Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 02:33:39 EDT

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> Grammatically, I don't see any way to recontruct the text outside of
> those perameters.

 The text is a "given", Harry. We don't reconstruct it, we believe it.
 If you give "Generation" a *generic* meaning for the Church as a whole,
 instead of just the peer-group of Jesus' day, it makes very good sense.
 There will still be church-members alive and kicking when Christ returns.

 The author (Mark) may or may not have understood what he wrote. That is not
 the point. Inspired Scripture writers often did not understand their own
 prophecies. Also, as Mark was writing for Peter, he was not "editing"
 Peter's memoirs but "making no mistake" and writing it all down accurately,
 according to Papias. Peter was relaying Jesus' own words to Mark, not his
 gloss upon them. Clearly Jesus didn't mean that the AD 33 generation would
 not die until he had returned. That would be to repeat the mistake recorded
 in John 21:23 about the longevity of the Beloved Disciple. The Church
 however is still going strong after nearly 2000 years. Methuselah lived
 for 969 years until Noah was 600, and the Ark rescued his "household of
 faith" from the scene of destruction of the Flood. Likewise the Church will
 survive as long as required until the Rapture rescues the household of faith
 from the scene of the Great Tribulation.

 Thanks for your responses.

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