ciphers or words for numbers (Rev 13.18)

From: Juan Stam B (
Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 08:55:26 EDT

Buenos dias, friends of B-Greek and rev-list. Last week Brian Wilson
asked a question that interests me very much, and nobody seems to have
picked up (at least, I ve seen no answer): why are some letters written as
words (six hundred sixty six) and others as ciphers (666- but in the
corresponding letters)? Since 666 is written out as words (not ciphers)
in Rev 13.18, what does this imply for the interpretation? Does this rule
out interpreting it as 6-6-6 (three times 6) and limit interpretation to
the sum-total rather than the thrice repeated 6?

I would be very interested in responses both on the general problem of
writing the numbers, and on Rev 13.18

un saludo desde Costa Rica, Juan Stam, Universidad Nacional

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